Engaging in sports can have many benefits for senior citizens.

senior citizens sports

I cannot stress enough the importance of staying active, no matter what your age. Senior citizens, especially in this country, are often left out of the conversation when it comes to fitness, and especially sports. I guess the thought process is that as we age, we earn the right to a more sedentary lifestyle, especially as our bodies start to show our age in terms of aches, pains, and general durability. I will be the first to say however, that competition, energy, and the need for social interaction knows no age, and seniors can benefit greatly from certain sports.

Obviously I am not suggesting that you invite your grandmother to take part in a game of tackle football, nor will I be inviting any of my grandparents onto the lacrosse field any time soon. There are certain sports that seniors can definitely enjoy however, especially since loneliness is a serious problem amongst the elderly. Joining a team, or even the act of going to a gym can help seniors engage in their community, meet new people, and battle the pitfalls of depression. Here are a few great sports for senior citizens, which can be enjoyed with others.

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Swimming is great, because the weightlessness of the water allows for freedom from many injuries. Water aerobics or water polo also offer the ability to meet like-minded people.

Bowling is an obvious favorite for seniors, as it encourages balance and the ability to join a league.

Cycling or bike riding is perfect for seniors because of the low impact and cardiovascular benefits. It also encourages exploration of the outdoors.

Golf is great for the elderly, because the swinging motion is good for joints, and the slow pace allows for plenty of socializing.

Walking may not always be considered a sport, but it definitely can be, especially if you walk with competitive people. Say what you will about ‘mall walkers’, but you can literally walk anywhere, and it can be used to bring together old friends for light exercise and good cardio.

Yoga is a great sport at any age, but it can especially benefit seniors because it helps with joints, balance, and posture. The stress and anxiety-reducing benefits of yoga are also very helpful for curbing depression.