How to succeed at yoga, even at the beginner’s level.


They say everyone has to start somewhere, and yoga is no exception. Even though I am an orthopaedic surgeon, I truly believe that a lot of health problems in life can be avoided with regular stress relief exercises, and yoga is at the top of that list. Starting a regular yoga routine can be intimidating at first though, so here are a few tips to help you fit in, at your first yoga class:

Take your shoes off. There is a pretty strict rule that you can’t wear shoes while doing yoga, so make sure to plan your outfit with that in mind. Yoga studios often have cubbyholes to keep your shoes though, so don’t fret about them too much.

Turn your cell phone off before you even go in. The only thing worse than disrupting a yoga class with your cell phone is the look the instructor gives you as you trudge over to turn it off.

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Wear form-fitting clothes. Even if you aren’t that comfortable with your body, wearing form fitting clothes will make the movements much easier to accomplish, and prevent any random body parts from falling out.

Don’t compare yourself to everyone else. Perhaps the most important tip is not to compare your body, your progress, or your know-how to the other people in the class. After all, as I said earlier everyone has to start somewhere, and most people in the class recognize and understand that.

Just get through the first class without leaving. It may seem hard, and perhaps impossible to do some moves, but eventually your body will adjust and the moves will become second nature to you. Get through the first class, and you will see that the second one becomes almost a craving.

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